up running problems and emission failures with use of all the various sensors. Using the latest diagnostic equipment we are able to communicate with the on-board computer to see what system failed and for what reason.  This will lead us to which circuits and components to test.  Having your vehicle running properly will give you your best MPG and performance.


Powertrain mainly consist of engine, transmission, 4X4 transfer case, and differential(s).  These are the most major components of your vehicle, also the most expensive. Maintenance is key to preventing failures.  We will help you along the way by recommending proper maintenance to perform to keep these valuable pieces in top working order.


Electrical failures can sometimes be quite labor intensive.  We exercise a lot of patience, studying wiring diagrams to diagnose the problem without replacing unnecessary parts.


That light on the dash that looks like an engine, or says "service engine soon" comes on for a reason.  Today's vehicles are so advanced that the computer is able to pick


We have the state of the art Hunter alignment machine. We perform alignments for most shops and body shops in the area so accuracy is very important to us.

Steering and Suspension

This is a very important system in the vehicle for safety.  Many times overlooked, but checking the suspension and steering components for wear or play will prevent from a loss of control over your vehicle. 

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Heating and Air Conditioning

With the weather extremes we deal with around here, both are necessary to have working to full capacity. We can find and repair any issue to keep you comfortable all year round.

Our Nationwide Warranty
Our Nationwide Warranty give you peace of mind no matter where your travels take you.


Maintenance is critical to longevity of your vehicle.  Keeping clean fluid in your engine, transmission, brake, cooling, differentials, and power steering systems can save you from costly repairs. We service  fluids with BG Products cleaners and conditioners for optimum results.

Complete Auto Repair

We service all makes and models foreign and domestic from a simple oil change to complete engine replacement.  Maintaining and repairing all vehicles for many years has exposed us to a variety of experiences that allow us to handle most any issue that comes in our shop.  Simply put: If your vehicle breaks we can fix it.

We always keep our customers best interest when it comes to quality and cost of repairs.  We are thorough when it comes to our inspections, we want you to be fully aware of all needed repairs so there are no surprises later on.  With access to repair manuals and also a technician chat line we have been able to diagnosis most all concerns our customers experience.  If we ever feel we are not best suited to work on your vehicle we will be the first to help you find the best repair shop for the job.  What is most important to us is that your vehicle is repaired properly with top quality standards.


M-F - 7:30-5:00

SAT - 7:30-3:00

SUN - Closed


Tires are just like picking out shoes, but  for your vehicle.  You wouldn't want to wear high heels and play a game of basketball right?  Every driver has different needs and uses for there vehicle so our job is to find what works best for you.  We obviously sell Firestone tires but we are not limited to that, we will get you what ever tire will be best for you.


Road Hazard Warranty on Tires

Road hazard warranty must be purchased additional to new tire purchase.
The tire protection plan warranty is valid for a period of 3 years or until any portion of the tire is worn to 2/32 of an inch or less, whichever occurs first. Tire Replacement: If a tire becomes unserviceable because of a road hazard during the useable tread life of the tire, it will be replaced with a new tire. If available, an exact make/model replacement tire will be installed. If not available, a comparable quality tire will be installed. If the tire failure occurs within the first 33% of useable tread wear, and cannot be safely repaired per manufacturer’s guidelines, the tire will be replaced with coverage up to 100% of the original price paid for the tire. After the first 33% of useable tread wear, you will be charged for the consumed useable tread wear on the original tire, times the original selling price of the tire. You will be responsible for any taxes, mounting, balancing, and any other miscellaneous fees. When the tread is worn down to 2/32” the tire is considered worn out and is not eligible for adjustment. If you want road hazard warranty on the replacement tire, you must purchase a new road hazard warranty for the new tire. Tire Repair: If your tire is damaged due to a road hazard and can be safely repaired, the tire will be repaired per manufacturer’s guidelines at any participating facility. The warranty will cover up $20.00 to have the tire repaired. The road hazard warranty will remain in effect after a tire is repaired.


Roadside assistants number 888-411-9560


Quality brake jobs start with quality parts.  We always use premium parts to insure you get the most life without squeaks and pulsations. 

Mechanical Warranty

There’s no greater peace of mind than knowing you have one less worry by having your vehicles serviced by the professionals. We are an Affiliated Firestone retailer and also a NAPA AutoCare Center giving you peace of mind nationwide.

It’s a written warranty that is honored at more than 12,000 NAPA Autocare Center and/or 1600 Firestone stores nationwide – more than any other automotive repair brand. So – no matter where your travels take you – if you ever experience a problem with a covered repair, you can count on a NAPA AutoCare Center or a Firestone Store being nearby. 

What are the Benefits to You ?

Included FREE with your qualifying repair or service work.
Covers parts and labor on qualifying* repairs and services for 12 months/12,000 miles.


NAPA Peace of mind  Warranty Number: 1-800-452-6272

Or visit www.firestone.com to locate a store near you.